Simon J. Littlewood

Simon J. Littlewood, BDS FDS(Orth)RCPS MOrthRCS MDSc FDSRCS

Simon Littlewood has been working as a specialist in Orthodontics since 2001 in Bradford, and is Senior Clinical Lecturer at University of Leeds, UK. He is currently Honorary Secretary of the British Orthodontic Society, Chair of examiners for Membership of Faculty of Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England, and co-Course Director of the Yorkshire Orthodontic Therapy Course. He is co-author of the 5th edition of the best-selling textbook “An Introduction to Orthodontics” as well as writing many peer-reviewed articles and appearing in educational videos. As an entertaining and highly sought-after speaker, he is invited to lecture to orthodontic audiences in over 35 countries, particularly on the topic of orthodontic retention, and is well known for translating high quality research into clinically relevant and practical information for clinical audiences.

Bonded Retainers – evidence, materials, technique and reducing failures

Bonded retainers are one of the most controversial topics in orthodontics.
This talk will explore the evidence behind the use of bonded retainers, how they compare to other methods of retention, as well as exploring the different types of materials, adhesives and techniques for their placement to reduce bonded retainer failures.
Dr Littlewood will provide an entertaining and clinically-relevant practical, evidence-based guide to the use of bonded retainers that is relevant to all orthodontic clinicians.

The Future of Orthodontic Retention and How to Get Our Patients to Wear Removable Retainers

What is the future for orthodontic retention? Dr Littlewood will explore the fascinating new technological breakthroughs and new materials that may help us to reduce the amount of unwanted post-treatment changes after orthodontic treatment, as well as looking at biological approaches to reducing relapse and the controversial approach of treating patients without any retainers. He will also discuss how the findings of qualitative research is helping us to better understand ways of getting our patients to wear their removable retainers – something that would be helpful for all clinicians who prescribe removable retainers for their patients.