Pablo Lirio Del Saz

Prof. Pablo Lirio del Saz

  • Professor at the University C.E.U. Madrid, Spain
  • Exclusive Orthodontist in Spain (Madrid, Cordoba, Tenerife) since 2015
  • Doctorate (PhD) in Orthodontics, Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • MSc. Advanced Orthodontics, Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Graduated in Dentistry, Universidad Europea de Madrid
  • Master in Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign® System), Dr. Arturo Vela
  • Master in Advanced Orthodontics, Dr. Arturo Vela
  • Master in the “Tip Edge Plus” technique, Dr. Arturo Vela
  • Oral restoration planning course, Dr. Aníbal Alonso
  • Certified in 3M Incognito® 
  • Member of the Spanish Orthodontic Society (SEDO)
  • Member of the Spanish Society of Aligners (SEDA)
  • Member of Digital MSE Association

TOPIC: The Science Behind Plastic

Invisalign aligners’ technique has been a radical change in traditional orthodontics. It has been previously judged and criticized for a certain lack of scientific support due to the absence of publications in the bibliography. After 25 years in the market and in orthodontic clinics, there are finally enough articles to support our clinical decisions. What are the biomechanics behind aligners? Which are the limits of our aligner treatments? Can we treat every case with this technique? We will answer these and other questions based on the most current bibliography together with our clinical experience. We will, finally, show clinical cases comparing our results with scientific evidence.