John Voudouris

Dr. John Voudouris (Hon) DDS, DOrth, MScD

A distinguished orthodontist, a demanding researcher-inventor and renowned international lecturer invited to speak on five continents; he has practiced evidence-based orthodontics for 35 years treating over 5,325 patients.  He is a two-time lecture at Harvard University and as a member of the Angle Society he is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes including the prestigious AAO Milo Hellman Research Award.

He has published on glenoid fossa and condylar modifications as part of 12 contributions to skeletal Class II functional orthopedic therapy, and invented the JVBarre 4D™ and BiTurbos™ maxillary segmental bodily distalizer to prevent canine extrusion. In Phase II, new twin, accurate, NiTi Auto- Seating Mechanism (ASM) brackets with low profile are applied for light, continuous forces and synergistic, biological, early de-rotations & alignment.

He is a long-time teacher and instructor of orthodontic biomechanics at 3 universities, at New York University teaching twin ASMs with the JVBarre 4D,™ the University of Toronto instructing functional appliances, and Nova Southeastern University teaching complex aligner treatments.  Dr. Voudouris has been a scientific journal reviewer for the Angle Orthodontist journal, the AJO/DO, and journal of World Federation of Orthodontists.

Pre-Congress Course: Three Advanced University Aligner Manuals.

The full-day course will involve a comprehensive aligner presentation of University Aligner Course Level 2 and University Aligner Course Level 3 including the 55 Aligner Advancement Techniques. 

The University Aligner Course Level 2 includes the Supercorrection Prescription for Highly Complex Deep Bite, Open Bite, Class III malocclusions. Supercorrection Rx of 110%, 150%, 200% is a guide to address directly aligner fatigue and excessive 3 refinements or more on average. 

The University Aligner Course Level 3 includes 55 Advanced Clinical Techniques to apply daily and derived directly from the practical experiences of the orthodontic specialist (avoiding aligner complications).

The goal of the three prepared University Aligner Courses presented in three Levels as manuals, is to be a highly structured, formally organized set of courses that rigorously apply evidence-based data to aligners compared to general commercial aligner presentations. The University Aligner Course Level 2 on Supercorrection is an advanced level course structured for all residents in particular 2nd and 3rd year. The purpose of the three courses is to be the next advancement level for orthodontic specialists to build upon the general dentist’s concepts on aligners.

Saturday, December 2: “Novel JVBarre 4D™ Maxillary Segmental Distalizer with BiTurbos, and New, NiTi clips in Alpine™ Twin Active, Auto-seating System for Compliance: Quantum Biomechanics with Finite Element Analysis”

Non-surgical, non-extraction treatment of skeletal Class II malocclusion with deep overbite continues with finished treatments combined with new, evidence-based Quantum Biomechanics using the new, user-friendly and ready-made JVBarre 4D™ Maxillary Segmental Distalizer from canine to first molar. New, curved BiTurbos™ are further integrated into the system to correct the critical vertical dimension by uncoupling the buccal segments to reduce vertical forces and relieve the upper molars for greater upper molar distalization.
Fixed Class II NiTi Coil Springs for compliance produces molar distalization efficiently within 4-6 months by using the highly effective JVB molar tube like a hip-joint with 40º molar rotation for super-Class I molar correction. The novel JVB features include a sweeping curve of the buccal barre upward toward the maxillary vestibule with the hook positioned uniquely near the apex of the curve that prevents the complication of direct-force canine extrusion. The higher JVB hook on the curved barre produces indirect-force on the canine, and the fixed Class II NiTi spring force is also closer to the center of resistance of the upper molars for improved molar translation. For lower arch anchorage the new Alpine™ active NiTi clips in the twin, active Auto-Seating System are applied with five anchorage methods reviewed to produce Differential Friction. The three-component system of JVBs with BiTurbos and fixed Class II NiTi Coil Springs (and MARPE as required) also have the potential for positive maxillary restriction, condylar and glenoid fossa modifications for mandibular retrognathism, while reducing EMG muscle hyperactivity shown in deep overbite. Clear JVBarre™ for adult esthetics in Stage 1 treatment can also be combined with a lower Invisalign® Vivera™ for anchorage using Class II elastics followed by full Aligners in Stage 2 for final detailing, as a practical hybrid treatment.
This clinical presentation uses new Quantum Biomechanics working with Dr. Anastasia Tsolaki’s latest published research applying sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that compare the JVBarre 4D™ Maxillary Segmental Distalizer with prior distalizers.